Monday, September 15, 2008

Did you notice

This morning (9-15-2008) as you were dropping your child off at Woodmen Hills Elementary school that a "big bird" came flying in dangerously fast to drop her young chick off. Do you notice that there are the good parents and the bad parents when it comes to dropping off. Its the same parents that decide their time is more important than others.

It does not take rocket science (thank God, because i think some lack even Rock Science) to pull up to the curb, drop your child off, and then move on. It does take one giant jerk to pull up, get out, tie your kids shoe, get the back pack, have a family discussion and then get back in vehicle and move along 10 minutes later.

I can honestly say that i see people there that their cars are actually more intelligent than they are.

Big bird flies in every morning running late, goes to the front of the line, takes forever and flies out. Not only is it dangerous, but its very discourteous. If that hummer were to hit a child there would be very catastrophic injuries if not death. Flying into a school parking lot at 20 miles an hour is not smart.

And while we are on the subject,No really we all enjoy waiting in line while you stand there and talk to a friend for minutes while we are patient and not so patiently waiting in line to drop our children off.

and while we are on the subject of dropping off. How about those great minds that you wonder HOW they passed the parallel parking test to get their license in the afternoon picking their kids up. Mr. Stang comes to mind almost immediately, right up front, heaven forbid though you get too close to his precious stang, he will move. But have you seen them park? there is ALMOST enough room between them and the car in front of them to park, BUT not quite, i guess their cars are afraid of getting too close and getting carties, you know kind of like cooties, but for cars??

At a minimum 4 more cars could be able to park in the line and wait in front if people who it would appear have been driving for 15 years or more would learn to judge distance better.

Dropping your child off at WHES has become almost a sport. So people for the sake of my sanity this year. Please learn how to park, pick up and drop your child off, it may safe a life, most probably not a life, but it will save your butt from a fist fight in the parking lot, and your child the emberassment of saying" yeah that was my mom/dad".